Ab Workout

I love this workout. There are 15 exercises for 30 seconds each. Make sure you keep your back on the ground (except for the plank dips). There shouldn't be a space between your back and the ground. Below is a list of all the exercises and a video you can follow along to.

  1. Hollow Rocks

  2. Flutter Kicks

  3. V Ups

  4. Tuck Ups

  5. Alternating V Ups

  6. Starfish

  7. Toe Touches

  8. Butt - Ups

  9. Legs Over

  10. Toe Reaches

  11. Bicycles

  12. Russian Twists

  13. Penguins

  14. R Side Plank Dips

  15. L Side Plank Dips

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