The Hidden Secret of Packaged Foods

A few days ago, I was hungry for a light snack. I looked inside my fridge and decided to have applesauce. Before opening it up, I read the ingredients label. The ingredients included cinnamon sugar, artifical flavoring, and other ingredients that I could not even pronounce. YUCK!

How can there be so many ingredients in applesauce, in which it should only be made from apples, cinnamon, and water?

Here's the SECRET of packaged food companies: Companies try to manipulate you. They add sugar, salt and artifical flavoring in their foods and drinks to make them more tasty, addictive, and last longer on the shelves. Sometimes, they will even use a different name for ingredients known to be bad for you.

So in the future make sure you know everything you put in your body. I'm not suggesting you should spend hours at the supermarket looking up every ingredient on the labels of food you plan on buying. Just try to be cautious about what you are eating.

Find my homemade applesauce recipe HERE.

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