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HIIT Workout #1

So what exactly is a HIIT workout? HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, in which you do go all out on exercises for short periods of time with small rests between exercises. This workout is 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off, meaning you do each exercise for 45 seconds and rest of 15. You can choose how many sets you would like to do (I would suggest only doing one if you are a beginner). There are 14 exercises.

1. Jumping Jacks

You know how to do these! Just make sure your arms and legs move at the same pace.

2. Squat Jumps

These are squats but with a jump on the way up (hinting the title). Keep your weight on your heels, for you should be able to lift your toes up at any point of the squat.

3. Push Ups

It's hard enough to do push ups for five seconds, let alone 45. If you feel that you won't be able to do the regular push up for 45 seconds keep your knees on the ground, and focus on your form. Your hands should be shoulder width, and your elbows should be touching your sides.

4. Star Sit Ups

This exercise is called star sit ups because in your starting position, you look like a star. Then, you do a V-up but your leg touches the alternative arm.

5. Leg Hops

During leg hops, you hop into a lunge position. Make sure your knee does not go over the toe during the movement.

6. Dips

Whenever I do dips, I feel super uncomfortable. It's such an awkward position, but when you do them right, it burns your triceps. If you want an extra challenge, go on an incline or a ledge.

7. Russian Twists

As you watch the video below, you might find something odd: why are my arms straight? I find that keeping my arms straight allows more movement and burns your core faster. Touch the ground with your hands every time you rotate.

8. Squat Jacks

Whenever I do these, I feel like the blowup guy at a car dealership. These are the same premise as squat jumps, just open your arms and legs as you jump like you are doing a jumping jack.

9. Up + Down Planks

Up + down planks are planks to the next level. Start out in a plank position on your elbows, and bring yourself up into a push up position by straightening your right arm and then your left (or left arm, then your right if that is more comfortable).

10. Bicycle Crunches

I love bicycle crunches because it is the only way you can ride a bicycle without technically being on a bicycle.

Anyways, these are great because just like Russian twists, they get your core and your obliques activated. Make sure your elbows stay open.

11. Burpees

Ahhh, the dreaded burpees. It combines everyone's least favorite exercises: push ups, squats, and jumping. Even so, they are amazing for your body. If you cannot do burpees, modify it. Do the modified push up I discussed earlier, or skip the jump.

12. Diamond Push Up

Diamond push ups are the same as regular push ups, but you position your arms to form the shape of a diamond. Again, if it is too difficult, let you knees touch the ground.

13. V-Ups

Almost done! V-ups are one of my favorite ab exercises. As you go back down to starting position, don't let your arms an legs completely touch the ground.

14. Mountain Climbers

Last exercise YAY!!! You all know how to do these, so I'll just give you one tip: just like in the push up, keep your body in a straight line, meaning that your butt should not be higher than your shoulders.

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