• Izzy Grussgott

I LOVE My XX2i Sunglasses

I just got a pair of USA1 sunglasses from XX2i and I absolutely love them. During the summer, I have been running outside or on the treadmill for cardio training. I would not be able to survive the sun without these sunglasses. As someone with super sensitive eyes, I cry whenever the sun is in my eyes. I even cry at the dentist when the light is pointed at me!

So when ever I am outside, I am wearing sunglasses. But the problem is that regular sunglasses do not work when you are running, or at least for me. They would always fall off, and I kept having to adjust them while I ran, which was distracting. I started to research running sunglasses. A lot of the ones I tried did not fit me right, espically since I have such a small head. Then I found XX2i and I fell in love. XX2i sunglasses are litterely the coolest glasses EVER! There are a variety of frames you can choose from, and you can also get interchangable lenses in different colors for your specific setting. So say it is raining outside, I wear the white lenses. If it is night or dark outside, I wear the yellow lenses. How awesome is that! They fit my face perfectly, and I cannot say that about a lot of other brands. I wear them for any activity that involes me being active, and I've never had any issues. If you frequently do any athletic activity outside, I highly recommed getting a pair of XX2i sunglasses.


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