Leg Workout #1

This leg workout is supposed to target your glutes and the outside of your thighs. There are 10 exercises, and 4 of them are with pulses, which are smaller, condensed movements of an exercise. Everything is 30 seconds. Below the names and descriptions of the exercises is a video of me doing the workout, which you can follow along to. I hope you enjoy this workout, and LMK in the comments section what you think!

1. Leg Lifts on Side (30 sec)

In this exercise, lay on your side, and with your right leg on top. Lift your top leg directly above you, and squeeze your core as your lift up your leg.

*Pulses (30 sec)

2. Foward Leg Lifts on Side (30 sec)

While still laying on your side, move your right leg foward, and lift it up.

*Pulses (30 sec)

3. Backward Leg Lifts on Side (30 sec)

Now move your right leg backward and lift it up.

*Pulses (30 sec)

4. Crossed Leg Lifts (30 sec)

Still, laying on your side, cross your right leg over your left leg, and lift your left leg up. If you have unflexible hips like me, rest your right knee on the ground (both variations are displayed below). Make sure your left foot is flexed and your toe is pointed toward the ground.

*Pulses (30 sec)

5. Clamshells (30 sec)

Laying on your side, bring your knees toward your chest but not touching it. They should be in a 90 degree angle. Lift your right knee up while keeping your feet together. It should look like a clamshell opening.

6. In + Outs (30 sec)

You body should be in a straight line again. Bend your right knee, and move it as close as possible to your chest without touching the ground. Return back to starting position.

7. Hip Lifts (30 sec)

Lay on your back with your knees bent. Lift your hips up and tighten your butt and core.

8. Fire Hydrants (30 sec)

Go on your hands and knees. Lift your right leg up by moving it horizontally. Your leg should be in the same position, for your glutes should be the only body part moving.

9. Bird Dogs (30 sec)

Starting on your hands and knees, vertically lift your right leg and your left arm up simultaneously. As you lift your right leg, your knee should straighten.

10. Donkey Kicks (30 sec)

Still starting on your hands and knees, lift only your right leg up, keeping your knee bent as it is lifted

Switch Sides!!!

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