Stair Workout

For a while, I was having trouble with coming up with a new workout. I wanted it to be difficult but in an easily accessible location. Then it came to me...STAIRS. Most people have stairs in their home or somewhere nearby. I especially like this workout because you don't need any equipment or have to go to the gym. Follow the video consisting of 10 exercises, each for one minute. Listed below are the exercises:

  1. Toe Taps- Make sure you push off with the leg on the step

  2. Step Up- Alternate legs

  3. Lunges- Your knees should not go over your toes

  4. Side Lunge- Switch sides after 30 seconds

  5. Squats- Butt should touch the step but it should not 'rest' on it

  6. Dips- Should be in tabletop position and go all the way down

  7. Mountain Climbers- Body should be in a straight line (butt shouldn't be up)

  8. Up, Up, Down, Down- Same position as Mountain Climbers

  9. Push Ups (Hands on stair)- Modified: Push ups on floor, Push ups on floor with knees on ground

  10. Push Ups (Feet on stair)- Modified: Same as #9

*The Push Ups were very difficult, especially since they were at the end of the workout. If they are too difficult, DO NOT STOP, do the modified version.

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