• Izzy Grussgott

The ULTIMATE Plank Challenge

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

This workout consists of the different variations of planks. It is sure to make you feel the burn (if you do it correctly 😉).

Do each exercise for 30 seconds

1. Plank

This is a regular plank. Go on your elbows, and make sure your butt is squeezed.

2. Right Leg Up

While holding the plank position, lift your right leg up. Keep your tight shape.

3. Left Leg Up

Switch! Put your right leg down, while bringing your left leg up.

4. Up + Down - Starting With Right Arm

Straighten your right arm. Do the same with the left. You should be in a push up position. Bend your right arm, and then bend your left. You should be back in a plank position.

5. Up + Down - Starting With Left Arm

Do the same movements as in #4, but start with your left arm.

6. Side Hip Dips

In the plank position, move your hips to the right and touch your hip to the ground. Do the same, but move your hips to the left.

7. Right Side Plank

Lift the left side of your body up, having all your weight on your right side. Keep your body in a straight line, and squeeze your butt.

8. Left Side Plank

Final exercise, YAY! Rotate your body, so your weight is on your left side.

The workout is complete! Now you can RELAX.
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