What to do with a Concussion

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Last week I wasn't able to post because I had a concussion 😢. Since I am able to go on my computer now, I couldn't wait to write this post. About 2-4 million sports related concussions occur in the U.S. each year. Because a concussion is a brain injury, you are not allowed to do anything that would irritate the brain. That means no electronics, no noise, and no light. Obviously, it's impossible to sit in a dark room and do absolutely nothing, but it is good to limit all of these things. Life without my phone was super boring and the first day I was absolutely miserable. Lucky for me, I was able to keep myself busy. Below, I am going to list some things you can do if you have a concussion.

  • Socialize: Over the week, I saw my friends, which definitely lifted my mood.

  • Talk to Siri: Boredom definitely took over, and Siri and I shared a lot of jokes. You don't even have to look at your phone!

  • Play board games

  • Cook/Bake

  • Clean: I actually had fun organizing my room

  • Arts and Crafts: I made a lot of friendship bracelets

  • Audio Book: It kind of felt like I was listening to a movie

  • Go for Walks

  • Read: Depending on the level of your concussion, you might be able to read

  • Listen to music


Just because this is what I did does not mean that this is what someone else with a concussion should do. I had a mild concussion, so I was able to do more than most people with a concussion can do. Do what you doctor tells you to do and what makes you feel ok.

DISCLAIMER: If you currently have a concussion, please do not go on you phone or computer and read this.

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